Song for David by Nigel P Draycott

Song for David

This is a recording of a most beautiful piece of music that we made in early spring last year. It was written by Nigel Draycott, a composer of touching, atmospheric, lyrical and very English music who sadly died before he was 30. He left a large number of pieces which went largely unheard or unperformed.

For a while his sister Jane and his friends Janice Thompson and Derek Stuart Clark, the conductor in this performance and his friend from their Academy days, had been exploring the possibility of playing and recording a number of his pieces and in March 2011 this became a reality. We, along with flautists Terri and Tim Fosker spent the day at Bristol University’s Victoria Rooms recording 9 of his works.

When the time came to book players for the session, Derek asked The Lochrian Ensemble because he knew both Cath and Matthew from the many times they have deputised in The Pump Room Trio in Bath where he is the pianist.

This was a wonderful and moving experience and a day we all really enjoyed and we look forward to more of Nigel’s music being released in the world.