Wedding Music Tip of the Week

Tithe Barns: brilliant for weddings and concerts!  And many tithe barns have minstrel galleries which are absolutely perfect for musicians to position themselves to entertain your guests. So, if a barn is your wedding venue of choice why not employ some musicians whose music will float around the wonderful space that barns provide and create a very special atmosphere. The Lochrian Ensemble have played in a number of minstrel galleries in their time, one within Cardiff Castle springs to mind as one of the more challenging to access!  Anyway, two of my favourites are in the Great Tithe Barn, Tetbury, and the Tithe Barn, Priston Mill. Not all tithe barns have minstrel galleries however but still make excellent concert venues nevertheless.  We have enjoyed performing concerts at Nailsea Tithe Barn and next Saturday we are looking forward to performing at the Medieval Barn in Winterbourne for the first time. The varied programme has something for everyone so why not come along to experience some live music in an unusual venue.