Music Piece of the Week

A break from Lochrian tradition here as this week I am not recommending Wedding Music as such, just music to listen to full stop.  Bach’s Christmas Oratorio was written for the Christmas Season of 1734.  The oratorio is in six parts, each part being intended for performance on one of the major feast days of the Christmas period. The piece is often presented as a whole or split into two equal parts. The total running time for the entire work is nearly three hours.  You do get brilliant value for money therefore with music that is at times uplifting, contemplative, joyful and simply beautiful.  There is something very satisfying about listening to music by Bach and I for one do not make enough time in my busy life to do so!  Try out this calming and delightful instrumental interlude and if you like it why not come to our concert on Saturday 13 December at St Cuthbert’s Church Wells!